Sunday, October 23, 2011

Determination in Gaza

The will of the Gazans is totally amazing.  It makes you realize that humans cannot ever really be oppressed, occupied or cast off.  There is this thing that is bigger than the guns, bombs, toxins, military boats.  That is the determination and forward march of human learning, service, art/creativity, etc. etc. Not just at the level of survival, but is way more than that--truly you would be amazed at the talent here.
I had to write down these two quotes from Reem Abu Jabr, the Director of the Qattan Centre for Children.  She is a beautiful person who radiates the hope for the children of Gaza. Qattan Centre is an amazing, brightly painted,spacious, open-feeling, beautiful center where children can come after school for a library(shelves of beautiful books), art classes or classes in computer technology.  It is truly an oasis!
Her quotes:
"Here in Gaza there are two options--either this should be accomplished, or this should be accomplished."
"When it comes to children, I don't care if I talk to Hamas, to Fatah; I will talk to the devil if I need to."

I cannot imagine a stronger and more courageous will for justice and self-determination.  You can just imagine that if the outside forces were not what they are, that this would be a place of amazing accomplishment and transformation. 
There you have it!!

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