Friday, October 7, 2011

Thank you to all who donated at the PDX Gaza health fundraiser

We had such an amazing and generous fundraising event last Sunday! A shout out to all who came, helped out, donated and showed so much support.  All the funds are being used (as we speak) to buy medications (at cost) and toys for children's play therapy kits for medical and mental health centers in Gaza, Palestine.  We will be taking those supplies with us on the upcoming WA/OR Physician's for Social Responsibility Gaza Health delegation trip. 
We leave on Tuesday 10/18.  I'll be writing from Gaza.  It should be an incredible learning learning experience that I am so excited to share.
We go to Gaza with such a desire to bring the faces and messages of Americans that we will not forget nor ignore the injustices that are happening to the people of Palestine.  The American policy toward Palestine is not in our name.  What is in our name is a strong desire to work together to STOP the war against the Palestinians and to lend our expertise, hearts and goods to help improve the health of the people in Gaza. 
We are also witnesses to the health effects of war and we will work ever harder to assure that US policy changes.  Justice and peace are the ultimate PRIMARY PREVENTION we must all be working for.  Not just band-aides and pills, but Peace!

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  1. Maxine,
    Wishing all the best for your team as you bring supplies, a message and love. You inspire !!